Miray + Serkan - Lucien Arkas Vineyards, Izmir

We met with Miray and Serkan months before their wedding. Long-standing meetings with lots of laughter always point to good. Yes, it was a long and very pleasant meeting but "Izmir" and "vineyards" words were already enough for us to be impressed.

Izmir is always special for us because my super-clumsy marriage proposal took place in the streets of Izmir. Ferda said yes in spite of my terrific proposal so Izmir will always be a happy place for us :)

In short, we are a one road trip loving family and Izmir is a destination we always look forward to visit.

We arrived in Izmir one day before the wedding. Our hotel was only 5 minutes walk away from our favourite fish restaurant. So our plan for the evening was obvious. In the meantime, if you go to Izmir you should taste fresh seafood and wonderful aegean mezes. If you need any advice, just let us know.

After a wonderful aegean evening we gathered energy and ready for the wedding day. Lucien Arkas Vineyard is the biggest single parcel vineyard in Turkey and is located in Torbali which is 45 minutes by car from Izmir.

When we arrived at the venue, they welcomed us very nicely and took a small tour to explore the place. This little tour was more than enough to fell in love with the venue and now we had a better understanding of Miray and Serkan's excitement about the venue and why they chose this place as a couple who are not related to Izmir.

It was a great fun and a great joy to be with these two, their families and their friends.

They just wanted to have fun and they did it until the end.

Enjoy this beautiful wedding day as they were and do not forget to watch their wedding film made by talented Punica film.

Venue and Catering: La Mahzen | Wedding Dress: Niquie | Suit: Civan | Videography: Punica Films |